My PhD life in 2015 as told by the internet

I’m a bit late writing this month’s post, so with it being the last day of 2015 I thought I’d sum up my year of PhDing. I’ve already written a post about this year already (sort of), so I thought I’d make this post a bit more fun and express the ups and downs of the year through memes and other internet picture things. Seems appropriate since I manage to procrastinate on the internet quite a lot whilst hoping and waiting for that flash of motivation.

So enjoy, and let me know if there are any other images you think would be good for the list!

It would be wrong of me to say that I haven’t been a bit stressed out this year…


Maybe because often I feel like this

no idea

Or maybe it has something to do with this?

all the work 2

But when having meetings with all 5 of my supervisors about potential projects and chapters can often feel like this

lots of workers

Perhaps it’s not really any wonder that in fact this has become a reality on quite a few occasions 

There have been many a time when I’ve questioned my productivity…



… questioned my research methods and analyses…

scientists say

… and even struggled with seemingly easy tasks like writing emails.


But slowly I’m learning that it’s the little things on this PhD journey that can keep you going


Particularly if there is wine and cake involved



I’m also becoming well accustomed to the following questions off friends and familyf7c00a650bc656e5fd781e1679e454d0
And finding myself feeling like


And the replies from said friends and families after you’ve pulled together a half-convincing answer of what you are doing/how you are feeling about it all are, in fact, simply

mum phd

This year I’ve found myself in corners of the internet that I didn’t know existed


and found this particular image scarily accurate

everyone married

I’ve tried to maintain a healthy lifestyle

stressed desserts

And keep that

work life balance
But for most of the time I’m like


But despite all this, I’ve managed to do some really cool things this year. Like take blurry selfies with lobsters…


model new fashion collections in fish markets


as well as visit some amazing places, all courtesy of the PhD.


And, my research *may* be heading in the right direction! Woo!


So, since it’s 2016 tomorrow, perhaps a new year’s resolution is in order?

procrastinate 1

Happy New Year!


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