Rockpooling in Torquay

So where did March actually go?! I swear this year is flying by extremely quickly and I seriously don’t know where time is going! Granted, it’s been a very busy month, mostly for personal reasons as it was my birthday and I also had a cheeky ski holiday to France…

In terms of ‘The PhD’, things have been going pretty steady. Trying to locate and manipulate data has proven to be a particular task that is proving a little irritating at times – I think getting hold of and then putting the data into the right format is often the hardest and most tedious part of doing data analysis/modelling stuff. Once I’ve got the data how I want, I think I’ll enjoy the actual analysis (in my eyes the more exciting part) a lot more!

A highlight for me this month had to be one of the undergraduate practicals that I went and helped with to Torquay beach. It was part of the marine biology lecture series (run by Dr Ceri Lewis and Dr Steve Simpson here at Exeter) and it was basically to get the students out looking at the different species found at different parts of the rocky shore. If you did marine biology at university then I’m pretty sure you’ll have done a similar trip! What I couldn’t get over however was the amount of cool things we found! It was a really low tide on account of it taking place on the day of the eclipse, and so we were extra lucky as to what we uncovered.

Here’s a short list of what I can remember of what we found: rock goby, blenny, topknot, shore crab, edible crab, dog whelks, chitons, brittle stars, common starfish, sea urchin, strawberry sea anemone, hermit crab, limpets, periwinkles, sea cucumber, worms, shrimps, a ‘clapping’ cockle and a dead jelly fish! That’s not all, but I think that’s a pretty great selection – certainly the best rock pooling I’ve done! And lets not forget about all the seaweeds too…

All in all a pretty awesome trip out and definitely the highlight of my month (aside from the skiing of course). I hope the students enjoyed it as much as we did! Take a look at the photos from the day:


Me with a limpet













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